Rudolph Giuliani's interview on Italian Tv

Rudy Giuliani Shines and Boosts Ratings on Italian Tv. "President Trump Must Be Reelected"

Mister Giuliani's interview boosted the ratings of Quarta Repubblica, an italian Tv Show hosted by Nicola Porro on Rete4

The many lives of Rudolph Giuliani: New York City mayor, 9/11 hero, politician, attorney to President Donald Trump and now an Italian Tv star, as well. Mister Giuliani's interview boosted the ratings of Quarta Repubblica, an Italian Tv Show hosted by Nicola Porro on Rete4, one of the Tv channels owned by Silvio Berlusconi.

Mister Giuliani and Nicola Porro discussed about the latest "black lives matter" protests in USA following George Floyd's murder in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the pivotal role of China in Covid-19 pandemic and crisis, comparing China to Mafia and warning Italy to be careful when it comes to financial relationships with the Chinese.

He also highlighted President Trump's critical contribution to American stability and order, and the necessity of voting for him. As far as Rudolph Giuliani is concerned, Trump's second term is crucial and essential for America's future and prosperity.

Mister Giuliani's interview was highly praised by the Italian audience and helped Quarta Repubblica to defeat its main competitor, doubling its ratings.

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